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SP:UK Clothing

Design For Spunky

Calling all doodlers, scribblers, graf artists, illustrators, painters, and designers!

We want to see your ideas. If we like your stuff, we will make it into a T-Shirt, Hood or Belt. In return you will receive a designer's fee of £1 per T-shirt, 2 free samples of your T-shirt design, and worldwide exposure via your Designer's Profile. So get your crayons out and submit a T-shirt design

What's the Designer's Fee?

  • A commission payment of £1 per T-shirt sold (or hood, belt, sweatshirt, etc).
  • Print runs are 100 minimum but typically start at 200 and if the T-shirt design is really successful they can run up to over 2000 pieces. So you would receive £100 (worst case) up to £3000+ for your design
  • The possibility that it might run for years and keep on paying you!
  • We aim to increase this commission as we grow

What's the Designer's Profile?

  • The Designer's Profile is where you can shout about and promote yourself, your work and your website
  • The online Designer's Profile is your page on which recieves millions of hits per month Example of Designer's Profile
  • The Designer's Profile Card is a printed playing card sized profile that goes with each T-shirt

How will payment be made?

  • Payments will be made every 6 months
  • Payments will be via BACS into your UK bank account or via Paypal if you don't have a UK account
  • Designers will be able to login to the website at any time to check how their designs are selling

What designs can I send?

  • Designs submitted to SP:UK can be of any style or subject matter, our approach gives designers the freedom to work how they want
  • We hope for a diverse range of artwork, it must be original and it must be your own idea
  • We recommend taking the time to look at the T-shirt Designs Archive so you can get an idea of what has grabbed our attention so far
  • Our focus is on well-executed design or illustration with individuality and flair
  • so if you think your work will fit in, then we want to see it!

Why choose to send T-shirt designs to

  • We may not be the biggest T-shirt website but we are The Original T-shirt Website - Since 1998
  • Much replicated, our way of working continues to promote new artists and their endeavors. We build a partnership with the designers we choose to work with and actively promote them
  • The designer is promoted with the unique Designer's Profile Card that goes on every T-shirt sold
  • If we pick your design, your work will be seen worldwide. SP:UK clothing is stocked in 100s of independent shops and small chains across the UK, Europe, USA and Japan.
  • The designer is promoted through our press contacts and your work could be seen in many popular and underground lifestyle magazines. Our adverts often feature full-page prints of your designs, and the designer is always credited
  • Your work could be at Glastonbury Festival where we have a stand and the Spunky Sound System and live painting

Why have we launched the New Designer's Payment Plan? (Rather than the old one off payment scheme)

  • It's how we always wanted to work (but we have never had the system to pull all the required info together)
  • It gives the designer the opportunity to earn more and be rewarded by the success of a good design
  • It means we will be able afford to make more designs and more risky ones (that might have been binned before!)
  • Most designers would all have been better off on the new scheme

What you can do to help promote the sale of your design

  • Link to it from your website
  • Tell your friends and family
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We hope doing a design for SP:UK can be a useful addition to your portfolio, your work will sit alongside that of accomplished illustrators such as Kid Acne, Jon Burgerman, China Mike, Eco, Mudwig, Nano4814 (Spain), Rich T, Sickboy, Yuck (France), Tomoaki Ryuh (Japan), Yaka and The Boy Fitz Hammond.


The SP:UK Designers Collective